Savory Crêpes



Day Two

International pancake week is officially underway. Tonight we decided we would have savory crêpes for dinner with a variety of fillings:

home made ricotta  |  peccorino cheese  |  asiago cheese  |  gruyere cheese  |  scallions
black olives   |   wild salmon   |   fresh spinach   |   sauteed mushrooms, garlic & onions

Crêpes are pretty easy to make, but the key is to let the batter sit for a while, I don’t have one of those fancy crêpe spreaders, so I have to be very quick to pour and tilt the pan to cover. The batter is thin enough to where it doesn’t make much of a difference, but there are a couple parts that may be slightly thicker when doing it this way.  I suppose that’s the benefit to those spreader things.


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