The Gammon Commission, Phase One

Well, today I started working out the drudgery of cutting leather swatches for the piece the Gammons commissioned me to do before we left Monterey. I’m actually very excited about it because it’s all process and even though I don’t like cutting the insane amount of leather I have to cut, I think the end result, whatever it will be, will be worth it.

above: some of the leather swatches, both cut and uncut and the scraps…

above: some of the scraps sewn together and some of the trimmed pieces stitched together.

As a test, I used some stamps and stitched a few pieces together to see how well they seam up…

And as another test, I put a small scrap through the typewriter…

I’ve already tested out heat toner transfers, which work brilliantly, and some waxes & mixed media layering. I don’t know the end result of this, but I think it will be really, really cool.

And if it’s not, well.. then it’s not 🙂


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