Tag: mixed media

  • Gammon Commission Update

    So I was working out some more ideas for the Gammons and I’ve come up with a couple other topics / ideas that I’d like to explore, either in this piece or in future pieces. First, I think I’ve settled on a “satin stitch” for the assemblage. I may mix this up a little once…

  • The Gammon Commission, Phase One

    Well, today I started working out the drudgery of cutting leather swatches for the piece the Gammons commissioned me to do before we left Monterey. I’m actually very excited about it because it’s all process and even though I don’t like cutting the insane amount of leather I have to cut, I think the end…

  • White on White Fluxus Exhibition, TX



    Submissions for White on White, curated by Cecil Touchon. Untitled, wood bound by craft string restricted by latex. Untitled, machine-stitched leather & forced pen fastened to pressboard Untitled, plastic gender-oriented objects and masking tape on drawn wood.