Milk Kefir Photo Op…



A friend of mine posted a photo of her water kefir grains that she’s brewing in a swing-top wire bale Le Parfait jar. I keep my brewed kefir in a Le Parfait jar, and it’s so meta-perfect, that I thought I’d give it an opportunity to be as sexy as storing milk kefir can be:


Honestly, this photo is the culmination of a perfect storm. I have the jar (yes), I just cleaned the jar last night (you’re welcome) and Justin & I had just wiped the furniture down with lemon oil. Oh, and it’s sunny, so there’s that.  It always looks like this to me, but if you saw it in the fridge nestled between hot pepper sauce, you might see it differently, no matter how nicely it’s packaged.

So the kefir is pretty sexy in its own right, but it’s really having the perfect jar that brings it to its full potential. It’s not that the kefir itself would be any less valuable in a repurposed pickle jar, but for me, pulling out this pretty jar encourages me to do, and to drink it, which is the ultimate purpose.

My favorite way to take the kefir is by blending:

1 cup whole milk kefir
1 med. banana
1/4 cup frozen, unsweetened blueberries
1 tsp chia seeds

This yields about a pint of smoothie which thickens considerably by the time I get to consume it (I choose “consume” because the act itself is somewhere between eat & drink). I will usually blend this up before I go to work, and it sits on my bike for about 3 hours, fermenting into a tangy, bubbly deliciousness that is somewhere between yogurt and sweet cheese. I don’t know if I can even really describe it. Paired with two fistfuls of trail mix or homemade granola, it makes for a perfect light (but still filling) lunch.




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