Sept 18, Grocery Project



Oh, what a week! We’ve got so many little projects going on, some food-related, many not. The sauerkraut is gurgling away; it has already expanded to the top of the jars. This is all pretty exciting.

I’ve been brewing kefir like mad – even made some kefir cheese! I’m taking between a cup and a pint of kefir every day and I feel amazeballs. My favorite way to have the kefir (so far) is to mix it with chia seeds, some banana and another fruit (a smoothie, of sorts) and pack it in a pint jar to eat/drink in between breakfast and lunch. The chia thickens it to just under pudding consistency. The banana & fruit add a little sweetness to the tangy kefir, so it’s perfectly all the things I like (sour, not too sweet, and filling) and none of the things I don’t like.


I started taking hot yoga classes again, this time at a nearby studio so I could get 3-5 classes per week. I was hesitant about it at first because I really love Bikram and this is Vinyasa flow (floga!), but because the routine is different every time, I am finding that my body is being pushed in different ways and I absolutely can’t “check out” like I could sometimes at Bikram because I knew that routine so well. I’m not saying one is better than the other, they’re just different. And I’m really digging this right now.

There has even been some talk about doing a hoop workshop at the yoga studio which would be such aces that I almost don’t want to talk about it in fear of hexing the opportunity.


Grocery Project is still underway!  We ate out twice this week so far, spending $14.50 & $21.33 bringing our out-of-house tally to $81.68, an average of $8 each, per out.

I have noticed that the bulk of our grocery money goes to trail mix. I am not bothered by this. We love trail mix.

2 Schwepps seltzer waters  $2.00
Dark Chocolate pomegranate pieces  $3,50
Silk almond / coconut milk 1/2gal  $2.99
Organic whole milk  $3.49
12 eggs  $1.89
Yogurt raisins  $4.99
grapes (2.5lb)  $2.43
large head cauliflower  $2.99
sales tax $0.00
 Total  24.28


Big Lots
Cashews (1.2lbs) $5.00
Wasa sourdough crispbreads $2.00
sales tax $0.00
Total $$7.00


Job Lot
Bay leaf $1.00
Dried pineapple $2.89
Pure maple syrup (8oz) $4.99
sales tax $0.00
Total $8.88

$40.16 + $148.29 = $188.45



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