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  • Old Bones and Reliquaries

    Old Bones and Reliquaries

    I. Structures & Impermanence As we approach the midpoint of the year and the passages project (which I’m now calling a year-long study), I want to touch on some of my discoveries through this process. I’ve always been fascinated with the lore of ghosts towns, lonesome cowboys, tropes of abandonment and resilience; the overwhelming silence…

  • passages


    I. I have been thinking a lot about what I might call this series for at least two months, and I think I’ve arrived at the word, “passages.” It is straightforward, direct, and uncomplicated, but also layered and interpretive. I asked a Guatemalan girlfriend what word she used for cloudscapes and she said “paisaje del…

  • In Tension

    In Tension

    I. The situation. As I approach the first quarter of this project, I have uncovered new insight around my practice and about myself, accordingly; I thought I would share. I was approached by a curious neighbor who had seen me around the neighborhood taking photographs. She asked me why I was taking pictures of her…

  • In The Way

    In The Way

    Well, here it is a bit more than a month into this year-long commitment I have made to myself. I suppose it’s as good a time as ever to reflect on what has come of it so far. I. I have decided to organize the paintings into the 8 seasons of the pagan calendar, each…

  • True Intimacy Is Being Awake

    True Intimacy Is Being Awake

    This has been a really productive couple of weeks. I’m working out most of the conditions surrounding my forthcoming year-long project: I’ve changed a few things around, tried some different techniques and decided on some project boundaries. The first thing I changed was that I purchased a travel palette, which I like even better than…

  • Travel Watercolor Kit

    Travel Watercolor Kit

    Over the weekend I constructed myself a tiny travel watercolor kit and I’m pretty jazzed about it. I’ve been kicking around the idea of a year-long project like Justin’s poetry project, but with watercolors. The paintings would be small, and should take no longer than 20 minutes: a daily, meditative practice. A few years ago…

  • Finished!



    And in the mail today! I actually finished this piece about 3 weeks ago, but was going to send it back with Borba to California. His bag was too full already and they’ve started doing some sort of weight-fee at the airports for carry-ons, so we decided to just mail it. I’m not sure which…

  • White on White Fluxus Exhibition, TX



    Submissions for White on White, curated by Cecil Touchon. Untitled, wood bound by craft string restricted by latex. Untitled, machine-stitched leather & forced pen fastened to pressboard Untitled, plastic gender-oriented objects and masking tape on drawn wood.

  • Night Studio: A Memoir of Phillip Guston by Musa Mayer



    Night Studio: A memoir of Philip Guston by Musa Mayer This was one of the most interesting ways of telling a memoir that I may have ever read. Musa Mayer is Guston’s daughter and she tells his story through her own story. It’s a portrait of Guston that is unique to Mayer’s experiences of her…

  • International Fluxus Day



    According to some Fluxists in Miami, yesterday was named International Fluxus Day. Miami’s Fluxus Day was in honor of Nam June Paik, Fluxus Extraordinaire, who passed last year. I held s moment of silence that lasted only a moment. In light of Fluxus, Justin & I allowed the day to take us wherever it felt…

  • Sanskrit Idiom



    You cannot become fluxus because you already are. Everything is fluxus. Everything includes everybody, which includes you. Whatever happens is fluxus. Come to understand that it is only your judgment and your expectation placed upon your circumstances and the events that occur that make them appear non-fluxus. This appearance is only ‘mind’ having its own…

  • Anselm Kiefer at SFMOMA



    So we went up to the city to see the Kiefer retrospective, Heaven and Earth. It was pretty cool. I had several experiences at the exhibit that were cool, but one stands out in my mind especially. I was with my friend, Ellen, who had come down for the exhbit from Washington and we were…