Zero Waste Cupcakes

Anybody who really knows me, knows how much I dislike wasting things, so when I have opportunity to use up the last bits of stuff into new things, I’m all over it.

For breakfast today, we had Justin’s famous oatmeal and black coffee.  Last night, though, we had an after-dinner coffee, so when Justin went to make coffee this morning, he poured last night’s coffee into a pint glass and suggested I try making the “crazy cupcakes” with it in lieu of water. I thought that sounded like a great idea. More on that in a moment.

For lunch we had banh mi chay sandwiches and beet smoothies. I took the leftover apple from our sandwiches, cored, peeled and blended it with the last bits of the beet smoothie, then I used all of this mixtureoilfree1 oilfree3 to replace the oil in the cupcake recipe, so now it’s vegan and oil-free, which is pretty awesome.

I think I overcooked them a little bit, and I also skimped on the sugar because of the beet / applesauce mixture.  They were a bit chewier than their oily version, so next time I’ll try catching them a little earlier from the oven. If the texture is chewy from the lack of oil completely, I’ll try half oil and half applesauce and see where that gets us.

To make up for it, I made a simple frosting out of Earth Balance (not entirely sold on this, by the way), powdered sugar and a tiny bit of that leftover coffee. There’s a little fat in the butter, so I guess that makes these not entirely oil-free, but you get the point.  Maybe next time, instead of applesauce, I could use avocado?


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