The Storm Has Passed



Well, it is January, and we had a storm. It is New England, after all, and we’ve been pretty lucky with a reasonably warm winter thus far.  I heard the total accumulation was only 18″ or something, but some of our drifts are waist-high, as you can see here:


Really, it’s so pretty, that I’m kind of glad we got some snow. It’s not going to stay long on the roads; it’s supposed to be near 40F tomorrow, even, and it’s almost February, which means it’s really almost March, which means it’s practically spring already.



We didn’t lose power, and our bubble wrapped windows kept us pretty warm overall, still keeping the thermostat reasonably low.  The wind did blow some snow inside the hallway, but not into our actual apartment.


We tried to muffle out wind with a towel, and it probably worked more than it didn’t.

The next day we were able to dig out the walkway. Mr. Important to the south of us had more important things to do, and Mr. Important to the north of us violated my lungs with his gas-powered machinery, but at least he did it. Or hired a very insensitive somebody to do it for him.



It’s a lot of snow, and there’s more happening right now, but it’s almost all over.  After all, it is almost February, and that means it’s nearly March, and that means spring is only like a little ways away.


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    heather stephens


    1. it’s eight weeks to spring; eight weeks to spring (tap tap ruby reds)

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