Real fruit popsicles

Today is the kind of day where you feel like you are covered in mucus.

It is so ridiculously hot, that even my own skin bothers me. I ache to peel it from my bones, but it’s a bad idea.

In our series of cold comfort foods, Justin and I made, preemptively, fruit popsicles.

Real fruit / no added sugar

These pops are right up my alley, but maybe a little sour for Justin. We used 100% grapefruit juice, crushed pineapple, blueberries, and raspberries, all blended, then poured into the molds and frozen.

I tend to like sour thing more than Justin does, though he doesn’t have a sweet tooth much, either.

We’ve fantasized about making some banana-based Or coconut-based cream pops, too! Looks like we will have the next several weeks to experiment.


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