Dude Deux Sweater: Casting On

Second Skill Set: Casting on.

So this cast-on was entirely new to me. It’s called a tubular cast on, and it took me a few tries to get it right, as well as realizing halfway through that I had used the wrong needle and had to rrrrrrrippit back.

The tubular cast on is pretty cool, actually. It allows for a stretchy rib with a rounded edge (tubular, even, one might say). It looks nice and clean. Of course, I wanted to complicate it a little, so not only did I cast on in the round, I cast on two-at-a-time in the round, and for a little while, I’ll admit, it was confusing, but now that I’m halfway through the cuffs, it’s okay.

I guess there’s a way to do the tubular cast on without waste yarn, but I didn’t know this at the time, so it doesn’t matter. For this project, I did a half-hitch cast on.

The first photo shows both sleeves cast on at the same time. I wanted to do this because there is a color pattern to do, and whenever I have to do something that needs to match up, I prefer to do it by two-at-a-time in the round.

The second photo shows the right side (RS). It’s very nice, really; practically invisible cast on!

The third photo shows the wrong side (WS). I can tell this is the wrong side because of the long legs at the waste yarn of the cast on. I’m excited to see how the edges look after I take out the waste yarn.

But not tonight, no. Tonight I will try to get the cuffs to the 2″ directive of the pattern, and get to sleep. Goodnight!


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