Ash Wednesday & pancakes



Scallion Pancakes for Ash Wednesday?  Awww YEAH.

What more a perfect way to bring in the season than allium? They are the quintessential representative of spring.  And I happened to have some sitting in a jar that needed to be used up. Do you know what else I had to use up? That’s right: sourdough starter.

I used King Arthur’s Scallion & Corn Cake recipe loosely because it called for sourdough starter. My friend MaryEllen made and highly recommended Kitchn’s Scallion Pancake recipe, so I ended up using a sort of blend between the two to come up with my cakes. We were not at all disappointed, but really: bread & onions? It’s hard to go wrong.

So I mixed up my starter with flour & milk according to the King Arthur directions, but then when I went to turn it on to the board, I had to add quite a bit of flour to make it stiff enough to roll. That’s okay, so we live and learn, and I got to use up the sourdough starter.






I wish I had a more definitive recipe to give out, but really, I don’t think there’s any way to go terribly wrong here. I think maybe the most important part of the process is to allow the dough to rest before rolling it out. The rest of the steps sounds time-consuming, but it’s really not because you are working with 4 (then 8) pieces, so it’s all a sort of rhythm. I’d say the whole thing took maybe 20 minutes, tops, from rested dough to table.

I’ll make them the next time I make General Tso’s tofu & veg lo mein. Yermz!


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