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Yogurt Applesauce Cake

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This cake was so delicious that before I could photograph it, it was almost consumed. We have dubbed this the ultimate hippie cake.

First, I made the applesauce a couple weeks ago from apples that were starting to go bad and which I did not want to waste. The apples were from a local farm which had cooperated with my CSA share. I wouldn’t call them expensive, but I certainly didn’t want to throw them out. But considering it was late January, and I haven’t picked up a CSA share since November…. well, you can do the math.

Then last night I started what would end up being the most perfect batch of yogurt I have ever made. It is perfectly thick and tart.  So this evening, I thought I’d use up some of the applesauce to make an applesauce cake and then decided to try cutting the butter by more than half and replacing it with yogurt.

I have made this cake once before almost to the recipe, and this time it was way, way better, lighter and extremely tender. The original recipe came the Joy of Cooking’s “Applesauce Cake” which is considerably different than this cake.

  • 1 3/4c unbleached white flour
  • 1/2tsp salt
  • 1.5tsp bakng soda
  • 1.5tsp cinnamon (cuz I like it heavy with cinnamon)

mix these together, to later sift into the wet ingredients.

  • 3tbs butter
  • 3/4c brown sugar

cream these together, then add

  • 1 large egg

beat until fluffy, then add

  • 1/4c yogurt
  • 1c applesauce

slowly mix in dry ingredients and then f old in

  • 1c cranberries (or other dried fruit that you like)

Pour batter into a lightly buttered tube or bundt pan. Bake at 350º for about 45minutes. Sprinkle with powdered sugar.

Serves 10. About 175cal/svg.


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Esa torta estuve increíble, antes podría tomar una foto, ya casi había terminada. Hemos da nombre la torta de “super hippie” porque la tiene cosas que dan mucha salud.

En primer, hace algunas semanas, preparé la puré de manzana de las manzanas que no eran muy fresca y no quería discardar. Esas de eran una granja local que trabajado con mi parte del ASC juntaba. No les llamaría muy cara, pero a mi no me gusta desperdiciar nada . Considerando que estuvo tarde del enero, y no me llegue una caja desde Noviembre, bien.. se puede hacer la matematica.

Asi que anoche comienzaba un yogur que llegue estar el más perfecto en todo al tiempo que yo lo preparé. Es grueso y agrio perfectamente. Asi que esa noche, piensé que usar parte de la puré y intentar remova parte de la mantequilla y replacer con el yogur.

He preparado esa torta antes una vez casi a la receta y esa vez era muy mejorada, sin peso y muy tierna. La receta originale es de el Joy of Cooking, se llama “Applesauce Cake” que cual esta muy distinto que esa.



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Oh. My. Goodness. This sounds so delicious! Thank you for posting the recipe 🙂 I used up the last of my CSA potatoes and some sage I had dried myself over the summer yesterday to make some soup and a little stuffing. I just love my CSA farmers 🙂

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