Yes We Can Has

“When power is confronted with real change, [opponents] will say anything”

Both Mrs. and Mr. Obama are powerful speakers. I can’t wait for them to be our First People. Take a listen to Michelle Obama:

“Imagine a President of the United States who was raised, like I was, with values; that truth matters, that honesty counts… that your word is your bond, you do what you say.”

Let’s make it happen.

I used to like Hillary. But Now I don’t, Now I don’t, Now I don’t, Now I don’t. (note: I was trying to mock Hillary’s Yes We Will mantra [which sounds surprisingly similar to Yes We Can, which .. I mean, with all the plaigerism remarks… ] because I was listening to one of her speeches when I was writing this post. I realize that – when taken out of context- it might make me sound kind of nutty – which, coincidentally, I am, but don’t really need to make it so obvious here.); I am glad for Hillary to have been a hopeful. That she could run for president means the world to me as a woman, but I will only support her if it is against a republican. Otherwise, I’m feeling like she’s “just one of the boys.” And by boys, I mean rich, old Whiteys (not the color of their skin, but the color of their politic).

Talk about a hypocrite. (I shouldn’t call names. I’m sorry for that; it’s not Right Speech and I know better.) I think she’s just spent too much time away from the people – she doesn’t have the charm and diplomacy that her husband did (and somehow lost) and when Ann Coulter says she’ll support Hillary over McCain, well, it’s just got to make you think: who the hell ARE these people?

I know who Barack Obama is… He’s my new bicycle.

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