Whole30 “Lasagne” Soup

Every Sunday is prep day at home, and every Sunday we make a big soup that will carry us through the week. Most of the time, it is what we call “Lasagne” soup. Whole30 restricts grains and dairy, so basically Lasagne soup is really just Tomato vegetable soup, but hey: whatever.

We use thinly sliced zucchini as the “noodle” (thanks again to an adjustable benrinner mandolin) and a tofu “ricotta.”

The soup comes together very quickly and is perfect for any time of the year. We start with onion & garlic and build with tomato (canned or fresh, doesn’t matter, but fresh may take a little longer to develop), mushrooms, spinach, sweet peppers, and one can of black olives. We slice the zucchini and add that; meanwhile, make the tofu ricotta and add. Season with salt, pepper and dried herbs to your liking.

As with all tomato-based foods, it’s even better the next day.

The soup was just not cutting it today. It’s really good; don’t get me wrong. It’s just that I’m needing something a little more substantial today. maybe it’s from the wind, I don’t know. I made up this snax, and it was pretty good. I think it would have been better with cashew butter, but I’m not really complaining.

Still a bit tired overall today, but I think by tomorrow I should be all back-on-track energy-wise. Round Two; Week One: Done.


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