Whole30 Compliant Phô

My mood today is much improved. I’m starting to feel more like my regular self – still a little tired, but not too much. I think this is day 6.

I’m so glad I had opportunity to go visit with Eve in her new apartment today. It’s so cute! I truly wish we had more time to visit more frequently.

It’s no secret how much we love Phô; I’ve introduced everyone I love to the soup, and gladly joined anyone who was already privy for a bowl. Unfortunately, rice is off the menu for the next 24 days, but we have a Benriner spiraler, so we just spiraled up a zucchini on the largest blade. True: it’s not a real noodle, but it worked well enough.

This image isn’t as dramatic as an earlier “noodle” slurp, but hey: it’s something!

To the fortunate side of this equation, everything else in the soup is totally Whole30 compliant. We bumped up the broth with broccoli, carrots, celery,, bell peppers, onions, garlic, jalapeños, basil, bean sprouts & lime.

I love these high-fiber soups! From March 3 – today, I averaged about 1,550 calories and about 40g fiber. 3 weeks of that aren’t on Whole30, so I’ll have to see if there’s a difference for the Whole30 period.


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