Wheat / Light Rye Loaf

Last night I mixed up an experimental batch of stone ground wheat, unbleached white & rye flours. When the dough was ready for its second rise it was quite late into the night and the apartment had cooled to under 65degrees so I left the dough on the counter, covered, to complete its rise.

This morning when I got up, the dough was at least an inch higher than the 5x5x9″ baking dish in which it was housed. I was so excited that I immediately turned on the oven to preheat, slashed the top and threw it in!

It had a significant amount of oven spring and rose to be a whopping 7″ high. This is a first for me. I’ve often had trouble getting a good high lift. I don’t know if it was the rye flour, the mildly retarded rise or simply enough practice, but I’m happy as ever.

The crumb is moist, airy and the rye added a slightly sweet flavor. The crust is chewy and durable with a nice blistered texture. Yay!

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