Western Massachussetts

So yesterday Justin & I took a day trip with our new friend Joanne (Jo) and her friend Katie to the Berkshires to visit Mass MoCa. I’ll have a full blogged review of the museum on Space Between within the next few days if you’re interested.

Jo and Katie agreed that Fall got a late start this year because it’s been really warm and dry so far this season. As we got closer to Northwestern Mass the colors got a little more intense, but it might be a couple more weeks till it really gets going.

We stopped in this little town which Jo calls the “quintessential New England town,” but I’ve forgotten the name of it already. Justin thinks it was called Shelburn Falls. They have this cool bridge that is literally buried in flora. It feels like late August blooming with big, fat-headed flowers and bees and the whole sugary sweet business of what I would usually associate with Springtime.

It really was like one of those towns where a movie might be made. Possibly a movie about a freshly divorced single mom seeking a simple life in a New England town growing organic tomatoes and such other kind of business.

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I think it will get very cold. unfairly cold. ridiculously unfairly unforgettably cold. 🙂

but it’s nice right now, and I guess that’s all that really matters

It is so beautiful there. Those big headed flowers are Dahlias and they are easy to start from seed. I’m wondering how cold it is going to get there.

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