Unloaded “Baked” Potato

Round two, Day 4? I don’t even know, tbh.

We’re in that weird space where we feel kind of blah. This is to be expected, as the Whole30 Timeline does predict rather accurately.

The first time we did Whole30 was in January, so when I had a sniffly nose and congested head, I just chalked it up to the season. But now, no.

I woke up this morning with a stuffed nose (which cleared with a hot shower), but all day I’ve been way tired. And then I met Justin for coffee, and I thought I would rip out his lungs for only breathing. Poor thing.

It isn’t him, truly; it’s just my lack of sugar.

So for dinner we had tossed around a lot of ideas, since nothing really sounded good, but we settled on a somewhat-recent favorite: “baked” potato with a bunch of stuff on it.

Our favorite stuff on it is guacamole and salsa, but since the only jarred salsa we have is tainted with the devil’s spice, we stopped into Whole Foods to get some tomatoes to make a Pico De Gallo.

There isn’t a recipe; it’s just stuff you like, but maybe should require tomatoes, onions, cilantro and lemon juice. We added Poblano peppers and fresh jalapeño.

Justin made his famous Cuban Beans — a recipe for which he found somewhere online a long time ago, and has since modified to our liking. We put “baked” in sky-comma because we pressure cook the potato, which is much faster than baking, and tastes almost as good; certainly good enough.

Potato is unloaded with a small amount of Cuban black beans under a mountain of Pico De Gallo and 1/4 avocado. Plenty of hot sauce (not shown).

But the best part is the nutritional load for such a hearty dinner.

Almost 12g of fiber, yo. Anti-scurvy properties. Fat entirely from avocado. No added sugars. Fewer calories than a candy bar.

This meal is a tasty bargain!


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