Thug Kitchen’s Sriracha Cauliflower



I love Thug Kitchen.  I guess they’re coming out with a book, and as a teaser, they published this recipe. I have made it twice and has been consistently delicious. If you are sensitive to “foul language,” don’t bother clicking the link. It’s covered in dirty words, but that’s half the beauty of it.

The recipe is fairly straight forward. I would think it would easily double or triple as an appetizer for a small party, but I wouldn’t want folks double dippin’ in the sauce, so I’m not sure how that would be worked out. Certainly, party people would know.

Also, if someone were allergic to peanut, some other kind of nut butter would work. The peanut butter is for flavor, but more a structure of the sauce. In the sauce you taste way more than peanut: hints of lime & ginger, soy sauce and rice vinegar, to. We had celery as a side, and used it to scoop up all the sauces.


If anyone is interested, this entire plate comes out to be fewer calories than a McDonald’s”Premium” chicken sandwich with 8g of fiber. Yes, that includes the sauce. Win!


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