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The Sun Shines Down On Me…

I’m walking down that empty road
But it ain’t empty now,
Because I’m on it.

– Daniel Johnston, “The Sun Shines Down On Me”

I had almost completely forgotten about this song. Further, I had almost completely forgotten about this version of this song, which (admittedly late) brought my attention steadfast to the genius of Daniel Johnston. So when I was trying to find the song to which I was actually hooping, I ran across this one, and thought it more fitting.

This practice was intended to be a bit slower and hopefully concentrate more on body awareness and some flow/transition stuff. My favorite part is between :54s – 1:04s. The movements are subtle, but I remember even when I was doing them, I thought, “wow, that feels amazingly right.”  Another favorite part is at 2:30s and, this one, I didn’t even realize happened until I saw it on video. Note to self: I love this.

The day was quite windy and blew my hoop around more than I would prefer, but it’s a good practice to practice under unfavorable conditions, too. It can’t always be late spring, you know?


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