The Order is In!

Today was a fairly productive day. My friend Joanna came by and we got her newfangled pinhole machine to produce some images, which was nice. I had Justin dig out all my pinhole gizmos, so we’ll be producing some images fairly soon.

My package from King Arthur came in and I unwrapped the most amazing gadget that I really hadn’t thought would be this cool nor as hefty as it is…

So I have no idea how or who came up with the idea to make this circular thing with what seems like some useless circles kind of inside at some strange and incomprehensible angles (however I think – without taking actual measurements for study – that these secondary inside loops are at a distance in line with the Golden Mean of proportion).

So I unwrapped it and thought.. “huh.. that’s one odd lookin’ whisk.” It did look strange on the original picture from the online store, but it was just so different when I was holding it in my hand. So later, I decided to put it to the test. I sent Justin to the store for some candy pieces for oatmeal cookie surprise:

So pretty much anything with little peanut butter candies in them is pretty tasty, but What I really want to discuss is the whisk. It really works well! It busted up my butter and then creamed it; quickly and easily it combined the brown sugar and whey with the butter (I chose to substitute white sugar with whey), whipped an egg and then with only a few turns combined all the dry ingredients! The thing is amazing!

So I also picked up some Sourdough Starter (btw, if you would like me to send you a chunk to start and feed yourself, email me an address and as soon as I can I’ll send you some (unless I ruin it before-hand). So this weekend, the starter should be ready to make a nice loaf. I’ll keep you posted on how that works out. Also I’m hoping to video record how to start and feed the Starter and the making of the first sourdough loaves. No promises, and certainly no promises for makeup. 🙂 I might have to do some of it on the fly.

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