Nature Walk with David



David brought over a friend of his a few nights ago to try some cricket experiments I had in the kitchen. Felix (the friend) and David went through these woods that day to explore the area and find some ants to eat. In a classic fashion, they did find some ants under a rotting log. We discussed a potential trip to forage for wild plants as food. Above is David with some edible fern that Felix showed him on their last trip.

Below is the fern, but I don’t know its name or if there are other ferns that are okay to eat or some that are not so don’t go runnin’ out and diggin’ up your neighbor’s yard without asking someone who knows what’s up.

The woods we visited were super pretty.

We found all kinds of neat things, like these tiny wasp cocoons.

David could explain it better, but basically these pods are a womb-like nest for these tiny wasps that, when they’re finished growing, escape out that tiny hole. The parent wasp lays her egg on a leaf and the leaf hosts this bulbous pod until the baby is born. Neat!

Plus David found this mushroom, but I forget what it’s called:

If I remember right, David said this bug was larvae of a ladybug.

And some other buggy bugs:

Super fun day, except for when we got home we found a tick. Luckily it hadn’t buried and we were able to capture it in a little jar and kill it. I hate killing things except ticks. I don’t feel bad about it at all.


  1. Kathy Avatar

    Hi —– Thanks for the nature walk. I had one of those pods on my oak tree and didn’t know what it was, now I do.

  2. Awesome photos!

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