The Most Expensive Blueberry in the World



What we have here, folks, is one hell of a jewel: it is one of two luscious blueberries that I have grown on my porch. I put the blueberry bush in a pot on the porch to grow, and it’s grown very well. The porch is screened so all the plants there get great light and fresh air without all the hassle of bugs… bees included. Yeah. Bees.

I realized a little late that I needed bees to help me pollinate the flowers. I opened up the screen door and plotted two jars of sugar water to bribe the bees into coming up this way. I considered catching a couple and letting them loose on the porch for a day or two, then letting them go. A little insect slavery isn’t such a big deal, plus they get something out of the deal, I’m sure.

So I hand pollinated a couple, and those are the ones that are growing. Yeah. The day I can harvest these two little beauties is a day for celebration. Or at the very least, a ritutalistic harvest dance (in Heidi’s honor for her love of Hippies). I might invite some flametwirlers to mark the event. One for me. One for Justin. Two lonely blueberries.

We went on a walk with David yesterday out in Johnston, RI. The blueberries THERE had no problem getting pollinated…

Of course, this is nature taking care of its own…


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