Testing My Limits of Technologcial Advancements

Well, well.. I’m trying to get on the ball here and figger out all this RSS Feed stuff and answer my infinite number of “what-happens-when-I-screw-with-this” questions.

So because I subscribed this blog to be delivered to my e-mail, this entry should show up in my box, with any luck [update: it sure did!]. If you want to subscribe, click the graphic either here or on the sidebar and *poof* over the next couple days you should get a bloggy blog in your boxy box.

The e-mailed versions will not show images, however – or at least not until I figure out how to get it to import images, so if you see a title and no words, it’s because sometimes I just post images. Bugs are being worked out, though, all the same. And there may always be bugs, but it’s pretty cool to try.

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