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Finds // Las Cosas Encontré

In our never-ending quest to prepare for the apocalypse, we have found a non-electric, old-school coffee grinder for only 5 clams. Of course, there may not be any coffee in the apocalypse, but that’s a different issue.  En nuestra sin fin preparandonos antes del apocolypsis, encontramos un molinillo manual viejo para cafe  que cuesta solo…


Super Hot // Hace Mucho Calor

[column width=”47%” padding=”6%”] Last night, a bunch of us went on an evening bike ride down the East Bay Bike Path to forage some black raspberries and get some ice cream at the Dairy Bee. There weren’t many berries left after our initial forage last week – really just enough for some trail nibble, so…


A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday, Justin & I met up with the MacMillans to take a good walk out along the Blackstone River in Lincoln. The trail is paved for bikes, which is nice, so I suppose technically it’s only halfway “in the woods.” It was a perfectly cool day – weather much like a normal Monterey day: slightly…