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Friends Make Pie and Pies Make Friends

A few nights ago we sat Sonia for David & Kim so they could have a “moms & pops” dinner and a movie night. David came bearing gifts, namely some raspberries & a huge bowl of sour cherries that he had picked from a friend’s backyard tree. Alone, the cherries were almost inedible. They were…


A Walk in the Woods

Yesterday, Justin & I met up with the MacMillans to take a good walk out along the Blackstone River in Lincoln. The trail is paved for bikes, which is nice, so I suppose technically it’s only halfway “in the woods.” It was a perfectly cool day – weather much like a normal Monterey day: slightly…


Jo at Paper Girl Studio

Love this! “I recognize my work as being centered around loss and loss of comfort. In dealing with these feelings I have found that I use obsessive systems and rituals as coping mechanisms. “The common elements in the exhibited works are the repetition of movement and form. The visible manifestation of deep involvement in the…