Sweet Action!!

Last week I saw a recipe on theFreshLoaf that I really wanted to try called “Blueberry Cream Cheese Loaf” or something, and it was braided and beautiful so we bought some frozen blueberries (from Maine, even!) and decided to try it out tonight.

We didn’t actually READ the recipe before hand. Had we read it, we would have realized we needed to start the dough last night or early this morning for this evening’s consumption. We opted out of the refrigerator retardation stage, but who cares? It was freaking SPECTACULAR.

I can only imagine how incredible this must be with an overnight retard. I mean it was REALLY good without one. From other breads I’ve made the overnight-in-the-fridge rise does some pretty neat things with taste and texgture. These loaves were light, flaky and very moist. Almost like a cheese danish.

Even though I halved the recipe, I still ended up with what I thought was too much dough, so I made two small loaves – one with apples and the other with blueberries. Sweet. The original recipe’s pictures show more breadiness, but I liked it just this way.. a little less bread but still very tender and only moderately sweet. Very nice textures – I am very pleased.

The recipe can be found right here!

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