Sushi Time

It’s hot here. It’s mid July, and we’re hot. All we want are cold foods, so last night we made sushi for today’s lunch.

We need a better knife for cutting sushi.

This is one of my favorite home combinations. We make teriyaki tofu, shredded beets, beet greens, shredded carrots, and (of course) sushi rice.

In the Before Times, Justin and I used to go to sushi once a month as our pre-func for hot spa night. I miss those days terribly.

We used to go to Raku Sakura in East Greenwich, have a nice clean dinner with plenty of water, then go sweat it all out at Urban Sweat in Cranston.

Now, I just sweat in the kitchen and perform antimagnetic body contortions.

We do our summer cooking at night, obviously; we don’t have an air conditioner. This weekend, the sky has threatened to rain without delivering. The sky is a lying thief, robbing me of comfort; this is why this cold sushi was so amazing.

Different sushi rolls, but same process.

Rolling sushi is pretty simple. You don’t even need this fancy rolling mat, but it does help. I like to dip my fingers in the water and vinegar solution, and then use my fingers to spread out the sushi rice, but sometimes I use a back of a spoon. It depends on my mood.

Mostly, I don’t like the feeling of the rice getting stuck on my fingers, which helps when you use the water and vinegar. But I also don’t like the way that when you use a spoon it flattens the rice. I want fluffy, sticky rice.

I like to make the sushi the night before because it’s really cold and refreshing that way. It also makes a good beach lunch, if we were going to beaches this year.

Later tonight we plan to make hard boiled eggs, potatoes for potato salad (and breakfast potatoes), cabbage salad, zucchini lasagna, and another batch of rice for sushi. All cold foods all the time for all of July. ?


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