Studio as it stands…

Here are some photos from the apartment upstairs that we’ve rented as our art studio.

This is the view from the painting area to the sewing area. The room in between is going to be more of a “chill” space with some crappy furniture turned funky. The bedroom to the right of the sewing area is Justin’s bookmaking/paper craft room and the bedroom to the right of “chillville” is painting & project storage.

Here’s a detail of the vintage wallpaper in the painting area. It reminds me of Heidi.

This is the back wall of “chillville”

And this is looking from the sewing area into the painting area.

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This looks like a fun place SORTA? Isn’t it a little spooky ? or is it the time of year or maybe just the way you took the pictures ? Probably all different now with things in it. Do you need a doily? I’d like to make you one.

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