So Much Goodness in One Day… Pt 2

On a completely different note – We’re dogsitting for our neighbors. And I just love this dog. He’s the greatest. His name is Bono or Pono… I’m not exactly sure, but he answers to both. He’s so great. He’s a 85lb chocolate lab.

He’s really the sweetest thing. He’s 4 years old, and he’s fixed but he likes to hump legs. I can usually spot it when he’s coming in for “the kill” but sometimes he gets a push or two in on me before I can dismount him to the floor.

And he needs to pee, like, all the time, which is fine cuz I like taking him outside. The air is brisk and it makes me feel good to walk him around. Tomorrow I might take him on a jog instead of going to the gym.

Yay for Bono!! We love him!!

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he got so many “biscuits” in the form of bread… he’s gingerly on his paws. cat-like, really. it is surprising how much grace he has when it comes to bread.

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