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Today was the first real snow of the season.

Justin & I waited until the snow stopped to go out and shovel the walkways. We brewed some strong coffee, and bundled up with all the warmest gear we have and swept & shoveled the walkways and parking area.

Isn’t there a saying about no such thing as bad weather, only insufficient gear?

So of course, after all of that, the day felt warm enough to take a trip to the garden and see what’s going on.  We grabbed our compost and made our way. It was perfectly beautiful, actually.  The sky was all kinds of drama; the wet, heavy snow pulled sternly on the branches; birdhouses looked almost like paintings, so bright against the mullein sky.

We unlatched the gate and pooled the snow high into one wing of a snow angel.  Everything was just so perfect and serene, it’s hard to imagine that only 4 months ago, it was actively producing flowers and food for us, our friends, and our community.

We first checked in on Justin’s rosemary, which seems to be faring well under the makeshift plastic cloche we covered it with in late October. His sage, too, under the same conditions, doing really well.

One of the glass panes from my homemade cold frame has gone MIA, so we’ll see if we can find it after the snow melts.  Turns out, though, I had some lettuce growing under there! One day I’ll get all my winter sowing times correct and we’ll be able to harvest almost year round.

Most everything looks just right, though, for the time and season.   I planted something like 60 cloves of garlic in November; I saw some of their greens poking through the snow, so that’s encouraging. Onions, too, are sprouting little greens.  It’s all rather optimistic in a social and political context that is rather not.

I should spend more time here in the winter. It reminds me that all of this other nonsense is just that. Pink flamingo says, “it’s all good in da ‘hood…” and I ought to believe him.

It is presumed to snow considerably again tomorrow, and we’re not likely to be able to go anywhere, so we’re just enjoying it while we can. Hope you can, too!