Sew Much

I picked up sewing again. But this time, I’m being far more meticulous about it. I’m using proper thread color & weight! I’ve even been using the proper needle. This is so unlike me with my usual sewing style (because I don’t normally sew to make clothing, I make art). But the meticulousness is paying off. My garments lay nicely, are sturdy and fit me well.  For my birthday, I bought myself an online sewing class to teach me how to make very fitted retro-style dresses. Now I comb through fashion sites choosing things I like and then figure out how to make them.

My first test-project: I made myself a summer dress out of an old bed sheet.

And because I’m mostly teaching myself how to sew, I blundered this early on, but came out with a save. I had originally intended to only make a blouse using a bodice pattern I found on BurdaStyle. But if anything, I am persistent.  Because the pattern was designed for a shorter torso, when I put it on for the first fitting, I noticed that it fell just above my belly button before the hem. So I decided to add a “belt.” When I added the belt, I realized I had enough fabric left over to make a circle skirt and attach it all together. This dress is just for the house and I have worn it three times in the last two weeks. It’s ridiculously comfortable, breezy, light and stylish, so that if I needed to run to the store in it, well, at least I wouldn’t be wearing pajama bottoms: I would be dressed.



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  1. Yee Haaa! I DO love this is SO you!

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