Sept 8-9,2014, Grocery Project.



I will say one thing about Whole Foods that makes me so insane: You absolutely must watch them at the register. It’s really kind of unfair to the checkers, actually, but Whole Foods consistently marks different prices on their products as compared to the checkout. This time they got me or 20¢.This is not at all the first time this has happened to me at the Whole Foods, but for a while I as getting lazy about taking a receipt – you know, “saving paper” and all. Now I know better.  It was worth the 20¢ discrepancy to force me to be more vigilant.

From now on, I’ll be keeping a tally that should match at the checkout. Sorry if you’re behind me in line, but I hate the bait-and-switch enough to make others suffer for a moment. You’ll thank me later.

Coffee Exchange   
Coffee for Home $14.62
Coffee at shop (OUT) $2.75
sales tax $1.40
Total $18.77
2+ lbs tomatoes $0
1 lb peppers $0
1/2 lb tomatillos $0
1/2 lb rainbow swiss chard $0
sales tax 0.00
Total $0
green cabbage $3.51
sales tax 0.00
Total $3.51
Stop & Shop 
Hass Avocados $3.32
8oz Sour Cream $1.29
Nature’s Promise Organic Tortillas $2.59
sales tax 0.00
Total $7.20
Whole Foods 
32oz Almond Milk $3.49
 organic cilantro $1.99
365 Feta (marked $2.79) $2.99
 365 black beans (canned)  $0.99
1 kiwi (kind of steep for 1 little fruit, but okay) $0.79
1+lb Braeburn apples (delicious!) $1.76
sales tax $0
Total $12.01

Total $38.74


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