Sept 6, 2014, Grocery Project



Earlier this afternoon I trimmed a pineapple and put it in the fridge to chill. After it was cold, I cut it into chunks, placed it in a bowl and took the core for myself. I stood over the sink, gnawing at the core and thought to myself, “This must be how a dog feels when he’s got his favorite bone.” It was cold, sweet, tender, juicy and tough all in the right places, emitting a sense of pleasure that may not have been possible had it not been close to 90F and just short of raining. When I walked back into the dry kitchen, I saw Justin, unable to stop himself, feasting on the freshly cut cubes of manna.

Sweet Jesus, how we love pineapple.  I quickly stole it from him to put back in the fridge before it “warmed up.”

Tonight is Nime Chow night for reasons of heat and humidity already stated. We’ll have pineapple for dessert. We’ve been maintaining a rather cold, raw diet for the bulk of the last many days, so Justin went to pick up some more supplies to continue, as the heat trend has no indication of halt.  Our smoothies are green with kale, smooth with banana and cold with frozen fruits.

Justin surprised me with two legit GLORIOUS pomegranates that were on sale, 2/$5. I go crazy for pomegranates, and it’s been a while since we’ve had falafel with pomegranate foul (pronounced, “fool”) which is something like this, but with pomegranate arils instead of tomatoes. My favorite falafel place in Cambridge sells it and, well, I almost nver get to Cambridge anymore.

Anyway, as mentioned, tonight is Nime Chow night, and I’ve become rather proficient at rolling big fat ones. I make the peanut sauce from scratch and just put it in the rolls now, so we eat them like burritos. Small burritos, but enormous Nime Chow. We picked the basil from the garden, and  some fresh bean sprouts from Asiana. I make a pretty good creamy peanut sauce with chunky peanut butter, garlic, ginger, soy sauce, rice vinegar & a little bit of brown sugar.

You will probably start to notice that our grocery bill doesn’t always necessarily reflect what we are eating on any particular day; technically, we only really needed bean srpouts, bananas and kale for today (and breakfast tomorrow), but we always kind of shop a day or two ahead.  After all, we do carry all of it back on bicycles.


Kale $1,33
Romaine $1.49
sales tax 0.00
Total $2.82


Stop & Shop 
Nutty Nuggets (Generic Grape Nuts, 1.5lb box) $2.79
Black Cherry Seltzer water 1L $0.50
2 beautiful pomegranates $5.00
5lbs bananas $2.10
Ruby Red grapefruit $1.00
green leaf lettuce $1.00
Organic, unsweetened almond milk $3.19
18 eggs $2.79
sales tax 0.00
Total $22.45


Mung bean sprouts $0.42
green onion / scallion $0.69
 rice thread noodle  $1.59
sales tax 0.00
Total $2.70

Total food grocery bill for today $27.97


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