Sept 5, 2014, Grocery Project



If I hadn’t been so not hungry — yet still somehow hangry — this muggy September evening, I would have photographed the most amazing remedy for such conditions. Unfortunately, I had to take a facsimile from wikipedia.

I must have read about it somewhere, but  last week we bought some avocados to make “avocado egg salad” which turned out to be only THE BEST FREAKING THING, EVER.

Imagine the love child of guacamole & egg salad. I mixed one whole avocado with two hard boiled eggs, about 2T of minced red onion and two hefty “squirts” of brown mustard. Additionally, two pinches of kosher salt and about 6 good grinds of peppercorn.  Yeah, fancy freakin shmancy!

I wanted to add cilantro, but Justin wasn’t down with it. In the future, I can imagine diced apple or celery, too.

I divided this in half for Justin & me, because he’s all about “even stevens.”  He spread his on rice cakes, I had mine on sourdough Wasa crackers. We had sliced up some fresh-from-our-garden tomato, pickle, (homemade) pickled peppers and homemade cayenne pepper sauce. As momma Lewis would say, it was, “beyondadonda.”

Okay, so enough braggin’ and onto Grocery Project.

Grocery Project is a running record to track how much money we actually spend on all food for at least one month, including going out. We like to eat well, and I often hear about how “eating well” is “too expensive” for most people. I do believe that can be true, but I don’t believe it has to be. That’s why we’re rolling out this project.

I will note when we harvest from the garden, as that is also a procurement; though, because there is no monetary expenditure, I will not include it in the cash tally.

So, we stopped in at the garden to pick some chard, tomatoes & peppers. On our way home, we had to drop into Whole Foods to pick up some more nuts because we’ve been keeping trail mix around instead of shitty snacks.

OH, and by the way: guess what WF is up to these days?  A MIRACLE, really! They have installed a “trail mix” bulk bin section. Say, what?  At $8.99/lb it can get out of hand rather quickly, but I’m certainly glad it’s there. I’d probably rather it was with the rest of the bulk bin stuff, but I don’t want to complain. No, not today. We love us some trail mix. I have found that a fistful of trail mix and one cup of kefir provides an amazeballs afternoon power punch with benefit of pre- and probiotic wonder.


Whole Foods
1lb Mixed nuts (no peanuts, yeah!) $7.69
Bulk Bar (dried  banana, sesame sticks & little chocolates) $7.91
1 bottle of cold pressed olive oil $7.99
1lb frozen pineapple $1.99
1lb frozen strawberry $1.89
sales tax  0.00
Total $27.47

We ate out for breakfast this morning, tallying to a total of $12 including tip. Because good, local eats. Also, we went out for iced coffee at Coffee Exchange this afternoon, total: $5.75

Dee’s Breakfast  $12.00
Coffee Exchange  $5.75
sales tax  incl
Total $17.75

Thus, officially, begins the Grocery Project.


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