Sept 25, Grocery Project & Grape Juice



It’s been an incredibly busy week so far, but we still made time for homemade grape juice.

We had a bumper crop of Concord grapes at the community garden this year, so Justin & I were able to get just enough to make about a pint of grape juice without feeling too greedy. We brought the grapes home, rinsed, sorted, mashed & pasteurized them, then let them drain into a jar for 2 days. At the end of two days, we were left with what I would consider to be “grape juice concentrate.” So, we mixed in some seltzer water to make homemade “grape soda.” Yermz.





Grocery Project is finally caught up. I’m fairly pleased with our findings and will be interested to keep track for a couple more months if only to see how the numbers shift as the garden dwindles.

It’s been really busy, as earlier stated, so our receipts go back to Sunday, when we had to refill our coffee jones at COFX.

Coffee Exchange 9/21
1lb extra delicious coffee beans $17.00
sales tax $0.00
Total $17.00

While there, we had an “out” coffee: $2.75. Also, we went to breakfast twice (9/21 & 9/25) at our favorite local eats: $11.35 (2) = $22.70 + 2.75 = $25.45 added to tally ($81.68) so far: $107.13 goin’ outs total.

I’ve been drinking kefir like a madwoman and still can’t seem to keep up. I shifted from one cup to one pint a day, and that seems to be a little better. Also I moved into organic milk because it makes me feel better (emotionally). I’m already kind of sketchy about milk in general, but once it becomes kefir, I am way less skeezed out over it. What’s weird about that is that it would seem more logical to be in opposite, but somehow I trust bacteria much more than I do factory farms. I have no reason to believe the organic milk I bought is not factory farmed, and it still bothers me, but knowing that at least a TINY bit of improvement is going into my purchase (until I can find a trustworthy, fresh milk source) is better than nothing.

Whole Foods 9/21
 1gal organic whole milk  $5.99
 1lb frozen pineapple  $1.99
1lb frozen strawberry  $1.89
sales tax $0.00
Total $9.87


Stop & Shop 9/22
 (13oz) Whole wheat linguine  $1.40
 Seltzer water (2L)  $1.00
 1 can pitted olive  $1.49
 .9lb broccoli  $1.30
 1/2lb mushrooms  $1.99
 Celery (30CT >> 1 bag, probably 2lb)  $1.79
 Olive Bar (1/4lb)  $2.88
sales tax $0.00
Total $11.85


Stop & Shop 9/23
 3 cans of tuna  $3.00
 2 ruby red grapefruit  $2.00
8oz sharp cheddar cheese  $2.50
Whole grain baguette  $1.50
 Olive Bar (.65lb)  $5.19
sales tax $0.00
Total $14.19


Asiana 9/25
 4 limes  $1.00
1 bunch scallions  $0.99
 2lb carrot  $1.79
 6oz fresh ginger root  $1.28
sales tax $0.00
Total $5.06

$17.00 + $9.87 + $14.19 + $11.85 + $5.06 + $188.45 = $246.42 divided by 25 (days) = $9.85 divided by 2 (people) = $4.92 per person, per day. All. Whole. Foods.


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