Sept 11, 2014, Grocery Project



Thus far, Grocery Project has given Justin & me much to consider. This morning he threw out a small bit of broccoli that had gone bad. Over coffee, we had a rather sincere discussion regarding the nature of it. How do we move forward? Do we dock this against our tally? Do we add the cost twice because it was not used?  And what about produce we grow? If Rainbow Chard is $2.99/bunch (roughly a pound), should we subtract $2.99 for every pound we grow?

And what about environmental contribution: How does that factor in?  Should we devise some kind of “plastic recovery” refund? We won’t, but it’s just interesting to think about.

The thing I love about projects like this is that it makes one consider all these parts that normally are just glossed over.  For instance, our trash: we have almost none. Most of our food doesn’t come in packaging and we typically reuse bags. We also have worm compost, so none of the veg scraps go to waste. Sometimes, however, nature has her own ideas.

The night before last, we wanted to have soft tacos for dinner.  We love to make our tortillas by hand. For flour tortillas, I make them completely from scratch, but for corn tortillas, we buy Masa Harina. So anyway, a couple nights ago we noticed our Masa had worms in it. Great. Then we looked at the rice noodles: awesome, they had worms, too. Most of our pantry was infested with the progeny of Mothra. Aces. Thankfully, the oatmeal was spared. Or, at least, I hope so, since we had a bowl of it this morning.

Today was a little chilly until the afternoon: more-or-less soup weather. We decided on Tom Yum, so we dropped into Asiana for provisions.

4 limes $1.00
1.5lb carrot $1.79
 scallions $.0.79
baby corn  $1.79
straw mushroom $1.99
sales tax $0.00
Total $7.36

94.18 + 07.36 = 101.54


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