Savory Æbleskiver



Okay. srsly.

For the third day of pancake week, my true love gave to me: a lovely plate of savory  æbleskiver (or Dutch Pancakes).

I started out with the recipe for regular (sweet) æbleskiver, but omitted the sugar (obvz) and added parsley & feta.


The recipe is a tiny bit more complicated than a regular pancake because it requires whipped egg whites (to peaks) and then folded into the batter, like so:


To make this dish properly, you need a special pan. Mine looks like this, but is antique. The old Dutch women used to use knitting needles to turn the cakes (one quarter turn at a time), but I use a chopstick. pw3_3

I’ve made them before; they never disappoint.  This time I served them with a tartar sauce from my mayo & refrigerator pickles from last summer (still delicious) and fresh minced garlic.

We had to pack away about 1/3 of them so we wouldn’t eat them all in one sitting, but we did finish off that little ramekin of tartar!



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