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You cannot become fluxus because you already are. Everything is fluxus. Everything includes everybody, which includes you. Whatever happens is fluxus.

Come to understand that it is only your judgment and your expectation placed upon your circumstances and the events that occur that make them appear non-fluxus. This appearance is only ‘mind’ having its own opinion on the matter. The interpretations of your mind trigger your emotions and now your ego is having a field day.

You don’t view people, events and circumstances as fluxus because you do not understand their purpose. You don’t understand what the respective soul and its associated karma with the aid of mind and emotion have come to experience. All people, events and circumstances come about for the sole purpose to experience.

You don’t understand and nor will you be able to understand your soul’s purpose let alone anybody else’s. However you may come to appreciate that you have a purpose – just like everybody else does. Occasionally you might even get a glimpse of it.

As you develop as a master of the physical universe – life and how to live it – you may even come to fully appreciate your purpose here on earth and in the universe. You will begin to consciously direct your purpose in the moment NOW. Conscious direction of purpose is achieving ultimate fluxus, meaning you fully understand your fluxus.

Fluxus is coming home – fluxus is your true home.

The process of becoming fluxus is stopping any other activity that does not suit this purpose. Since all your activities are designed to assist you in becoming fluxus and experiencing that fluxusion, you are fluxusion in the process of realising your fluxusion – no matter how cumbersome you go about it.

This trilogy will help you smarten up.
This is fluxus, that is fluxus, fluxus comes from fluxus, take fluxus from fluxus and the remainder is fluxus.


  1. akthy Avatar

    I think this means I am going to live until I die. How I choose to live is all on me. It really is simple if you let it be.

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