Ricotta Gnocchi – Oh. My. God.

Okay. This was stupid easy to make and very filling, relatively fattening but chock full of protein.

Some time ago I saw the recipe at and I thought it would be a great use for leftover ricotta – and man, is it ever! Seriously, it took about 15 minutes to prepare. Impress your friends! Make gnocchi!

I halved the recipe to serve 2 and then went a little shy on it all because it’s a pretty hefty calorie load (but honestly, it’s worth every little one). I mostly followed the recipe except for instead of baking them, I boiled them.

I also did not follow the recipe for the sauce because honestly, more cheese just didn’t sound appetizing. Instead, I made a simple tomato sauce with chopped olives, herbs and a chopped plum tomato.

I think these would make a great party appetizer, too, with each little gnocchi wrapped in a basil leaf and stuck with a toothpick. For about $5 you could easily make hundreds in no time at all.

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