So, okay, I know I have the attention span of a fruitfly… wait, maybe not a fruitfly. Seems like they might have the attention thing down. Maybe more the attention span of a Labrador. Yes. Certainly. So anyway, I know I start a million billion things all the time and probably finish a small fraction of them, but hey… it keeps it interesting.

So this time it’s tap-dancing. I’ve been wanting to learn for a long time. Last week John & I walked down to the market and I saw the dance school and in big letters it said TAP and I mentioned to John that I thought I should check it out.

So later that day I called the school to see if it was something I could fit into my budget… and it IS! It’s super affordable for lessons. So I ordered my shoes and went for my first visit last Monday. Beginning adult classes won’t start for a couple more weeks, but I’ve been practicing at home anyway.

There’s a pretty perfect patch of floor upstairs that is already ruined, so I have been practicing there. I made some advances today meaning I was able to at least keep a rhythm -albeit slow- for a few minutes. I’m hoping to have at least some comfort in the shoes and in my body by the time the classes start.

While visiting the class, the instructor taught me some exercises for my upper /inner thighs and groin area. That night I think I pulled a muscle, but I’ve been doing 10-20 of them several times a day and now I’m feeling more limber than ever.

I’m doubling up all my stretches at the gym and trying to bump up my cardio in general, so we’ll see what comes of it. For now I’m tappin’ to Cake, yo!

But what I’m really gearing up for is tapping to Gogol Bordello, one of my most favorite bands, EVER! Justin & I bought tickets to see them in August at Lupo’s. I’m so freaking jazzed. Here’s a video :

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Go Ruby! This is something that always appealed to me. Images of 42nd Avenue, Fred Astaire, and old times, fun times. Tap is unabashedly optimistic. Just what we need in these cynical times! Can’t wait to take lessons from YOU! “Little nifties, from the fifties, innocent and sweet. Sexy ladies from the eighties, who are indescreet.” Tap, tap.

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