It’s windy, warm, and projected to rain. All the reasons I bring our houseplants out for the day.

This beautiful Bay Laurel is about four years old. I bought it from Seven Arrows Farm in Attleboro, and it has served me well. All year long, I’m able to pluck from it, and though it has had a little scale from time to time, I have been able to keep the critters under control.

This year. I may try to prune it to encourage some shaping because it’s grown rather wild.

Borba Plant

It seems like a lifetime ago that our friend John Borba passed. He was our direct neighbor when Justin & I lived at Snug Harbor. In his kitchen, he always had a Croton, so on the day (and very close to the moment) Justin and our friends spread Borba’s ashes to the sea, I bought this Croton from a friend.

This is another one on the pruning list, as last year I almost killed it with neglect, and then it took a very long time to leaf out again. This year it’s doing much better, but there are old branches in there that need to be “manscaped,” as Borba would have said.

It’s still too cold for most of the plants to be outside overnight, and Esther reminded me that we have potential for snow this week, so I’ll drag everybody back in at sunset.


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