Pineapple Pancakes



One of my most favorite things about late February is that all the golden things start returning, including pineapples. They’re in season, so they’re on sale.  This year I tried a new method to prepping the pineapple.

I saved the top to plant and juiced the eyes and core, but threw out the skin because I understand the pineapple is sprayed with pesticide(s).

I mixed a little brown sugar with cinnamon and with about a teaspoon of butter, I heated the pineapple slice.


Then I poured a simple homemade batter (1 egg, maybe 1/2c flour, 1T baking powder, a pinch of salt, some water & pineapple juice to thin to consistency) over the candied, warm pineapple.


I found that cooking the pancake over a lower flame for a longer period of time made for a more lovely pancake. About halfway through the process, I moved the batter around to the edges to get a more even coating. Then, when it was time to flip the cake, I picked the whole thing up on my spatula and carefully brought the pan to the cake and gently turned the cake onto its belly.


It was a lovely dessert. Justin remarked that I should have put some sugar in the batter, but I think a sprinkle of powdered sugar on the edges would have been adequate. It was sweet enough on its own, but some of the cinnamon burnt along the edges and left a slightly bitter taste.

pw4_2 I think the thing I like about this pancake week more than any of the others is our unbelievable restraint. I most definitely wanted to make another round of pancakes for dessert, but had to remind myself that one is plenty and to be grateful to even be able to get a pancake this far north of the equator.


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