Pickin’ Berries, Yo!



Mid-June in Rhode Island means “strawberry season” and we couldn’t be more excited to see a local berry, ever! For the last nine months I have been taunted with foreign berries as far as Chile, and as much as I wanted them, I just couldn’t bring myself to support the global carbon footprint it represents.

I was, one time, suckered into buying some strawberries from California because it was paired up with some beautiful in-season rhubarb and I just couldn’t help myself. I planted the tops to make myself feel better, but they didn’t sprout, so hey. We do what we can.

Le Tigre shows off his mad pickin’ skillz…

It’s all good now, though. We’ve got berries, and if Justin and I ration, we could probably make these last us the rest of the year. They’re already cleaned, prepped and double-bagged in the freezer.

Of course, I don’t want to ration, so we’re going to try to make one more trip out before the season ends, that way we should be able to make it to Spring, woot!


  1. Robert Avatar

    Lovely berries. And nice photos too! Good to see you both having some fun. You always keep me inspired.

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