Our walk today…

So Justin & I woke up this morning and thought we’d go for a walk… I wanted to check out where East Ave. ended up, but I didn’t expect to go as far as we did. I’m glad we did, though… we had a lot of fun and ended up on Thayer street near Brown University & RISD, then we walked along historic oldtown Providence into the new downtown.

Some sort of bean or pea or something… on Hope Street

On East Avenue… a bunch of these really cool old English style houses.

The Day Care….

The Observatory

Hope High School…

Wow! I probably would have never dropped out if this were my school. Even if it just meant I lay on the grass and stare at the building. This is also where the Saturday Farmer’s Market is held.

Where are we again?

The old Downtown area… or at least part of it.
Some of the buildings here date to the early 18th century, but not these two.

Original cobblestone road

Dead Blue Crab – there were tons of live ones crawling around, too.

Public sculpture, downtown Providence

Detail of sculpture

Downtown Providence

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