Obama Loaf of Freedom



To celebrate my ‘coming in’ to political activity this week and choosing my hopeful, I am dedicating selected recipes and baking activities to the Obamas.

Today I made the Obama Loaf of Freedom, for Obama Freedom Sandwiches to be made tomorrow (really, later today). I love me some Obama!

I honestly made this loaf with the intention of it being used for Big Obama Freedom Sandwiches, so when it came out so large and so breathtaking, I knew it was because I manifested in it some sort of special love voodoo. And maybe the last of the organic yogurt.

Turns out that Michelle Obama (my favorite Obama) is the little sister to Brown University’s basketball coach. She came to town tonight, but I didn’t know in time to go see her speak. I saw a blip on the news when I was at the gym, but I couldn’t make it to the speech.

That’s okay. Next time.

The sandwiches are to be constructed with:

  • Original Obama Freedom Loaf, One thick slice of Obama Freedom Lovin’
  • Artichoke Hearts of Prosperity
  • Hummus for Hope
  • Tomato for the love of tomato, even if they’re out of season and taste kind of crappy we have to have a little bad with all the good..
  • Vigilant Vinegarette (brown mustard, balsamic vinegar and superpower spices)
  • Melting Pot of Cheese…

Obama is for Open, and so is the sandwich. Build it up and put it in the broiler. It should get hot enough to brown the top but when it cools, the reward will be really, really delicious.


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    Reality Chick

    Fantastic! I want one!

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