Oatmeal Flax Scotchies

Okay, so this is totally not my recipe, but hell.. I did do some adapting. I cut some of the white sugar and replaced it with brown; used 1 scant stick of butter, 100% stone ground wheat pastry flour instead of white and added some ground flax & wheat germ to give it just a little more nutrient. Not much, but a little.

The only kind of bad thing in the cookies is the butterscotch bits, so I’m looking for a natural replacement. If anyone has had any luck with a tasty version, please let me know.

This is a half recipe made from the back of the butterscotch bits package. Pretty tasty, yes. Yes. Tasty. Yes.

[early update: turns out that from what I’ve been reading, Butterscotch is simply butter & brown sugar – now how to make them into chips!?]

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it seems like there should be some other softening agent though… so it’s not at rock candy stage. somewhere between firm caramel and brittle.

i found a recipe in the joy of cooking that suggested using cream, so that might do it.

i’ll link back to experiments … i’m over it for now.

you cook the butter and sugar until it gets brown and thick, then spread it out on a cookie sheet to harden then chip it up! check a candy recipe for brittle

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