Nonna’s Coat

January 4, 2023: Nonna’s Coat.

I’ve had this coat for a good, long time.

It belonged originally to my good friend’s grandmother, and I “inherited” it at her —that is: Nonna’s — passing.

I also inherited a big box of vintage sewing patterns, some of which I still have.

The coat is great. I wore it for a very long time, and as coats often do, it started to “fall off the bone.”

I don’t remember ripping out the lining, but the leftover ragged edge on the sleeve is practically a trademark of my signature look in the early aughts. I have no doubt that I purposely removed the liner, likely after it split at the armscye.

There is only one remaining button, and it may be a replacement. The pockets are haphazardly repaired, and one pocket has dissolved stitches.

To Do:

• create liner

• re-attach collar

• re-stitch or remake pockets

• reinforce underarm seams

• clean thoroughly


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