Nonna’s Coat Progress

January 6, 2023

I accomplished a lot today. I double checked the liner pattern against the coat, then cut and serged all the individual pieces, as well as stitched the body together; then, I steam-ironed the seams and the serged edges.

When I took inventory of the pocket bags, realized they need to be completely re-placed. I did, in fact, note some of my earlier and shoddy handiwork. I have mixed feelings about seeing my own haphazard stitches so careless. On one hand, I appreciate the girl who truly gave no – and I mean none – no shits about anything. Did it matter if the thread matched? Nope. Thread correct weight? Nope. Pocket stitched at seam? N O P E lol

The seam I picked out of one pocket literally cut out ¼ of the holding space and actually cut across the pocket bag like a drunkard.

No matter; no matter. New bags are cut, ironed and otherwise prepared to go in to a freshly-oiled, new-needled — and I should mention the needle is the correct size with close-to-match thread— machine.

Of my list:3of5 complete. Tomorrow, I will reinforce the seams that require it, then I’ll set in the liner and see how it all goes.

Edited to add:

Regarding “Nonna,” my friend replied to me and wrote her name as “Nana,” but I have left the spelling as Nonna only to differentiate between our grandmothers. My grandmother is also Nana. To be respectful, though, I thought I would mention it.


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