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Justin & I took a saunter up to the Community Garden today to check on the plants, water, and see if there was anything we could harvest. The spigot has either been stolen or replaced with some funky gadget that we can’t access, so we couldn’t water. But thankfully, the Big Guy in the Sky has our backs. We’ve got storms for the next few days equipped with (hopefully) buckets of rain.

All the same, the garden is looking amazing. I just can’t believe how quickly things grow.

I was able to harvest a bunch of radishes, yum!

And one of the radish plants flowered…

I’m not sure that the radish will be palatable any more, but I’ve never seen a radish plant flower before, so that’s pretty cool. I yanked it and will be looking for seeds. I may have yanked it too early, but this is all a learning process anyway. Fun!

Alison’s potato plants are almost 3 feet tall and have little tiny flowers. All the onions have scapes… I’ve been reading up on people making pesto out of onion & garlic scapes.. I’m looking forward to trying that.

The summer squash is bright and close to harvest.

Almost all of the tomatoes are blooming and ready to be staked/caged artistically.The lettuces are almost entirely out of control. I need to bring Alison down to make sure all of the greens I’m seeing are edible.

And the pumpkin sprouted. I’m going to build something for them to climb.

I have some time with these guys tho…


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